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25 ene. 2018

@Hallgarten Young gun @RiccitelliWines is a prime example of how winemaking has changed in the last 17 years šŸ· www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018

26 dic. 2017

@fsaurio Los mejores 10 vinos del 2017 para la @logiapv https://t.co/txlEPl1orA

13 dic. 2017

Que linda guĆ­a de vinos @AldoGraziani @valemortara #enologojovendelaƱo #reportevinoargentinošŸ‘ŠšŸ‘ŠšŸ‘Š

28 oct. 2017

@Hallgarten Malbec with attitude! @PlanetVictoria talks to @RiccitelliWines about Argentinaā€™s current winemaking shape shifting in Saturdayā€™s @Telegraph

18 oct. 2017

@sorrelita Winemaker @RiccitelliWines gave Latin pop snapper @Marcos LĆ³pez free reign to design two labels ā€“ this is Tinto de la casa. For @wallpapermag